$4 Million Lamborghini Venen. Lamborghini is recalling 5,900 of its sports cars because of a fire risk, including its $4 million Veneno supercar.

One of the rarest and most coveted cars in the world, only 12 Venenos were ever sold. Lamborghini made just three coupe versions, selling them for $4 million a pop. The others were open-top Veneno Roadsters that sold for $4.5 million.

Volkswagen-owned Lamborghini said that under certain conditions, there is a risk of fire from the vehicles’ exhaust. It isn’t aware of any injury to drivers or passengers from the issue, the company said.

Owners are being asked to contact an authorized Lamborghini dealer or service point to have the evaporative emission control (EVAP) systems upgraded to the latest version.
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