1. BENELLI M1014

That brings us to the most modern and the only autoloader on the list, the Benelli M1014. The M1014, the civilian version is called the M4, was designed for test trials for a new semi automatic combat shotgun for the US Military.  The trials were held in 1999 and the Benelli won.  The M1014 was actually the first gas operated shotgun that Benelli designed.  It uses a rotating bolt as well.  The military version sports a 14.5 inch barrel and has a collapsible butt stock.


When you think of a pump-action shotgun the Remington 870 is always one of the first that comes to mind.  It has been in production since 1951 and is the best selling shotgun ever made with over 10,000,000 produced.  That says a lot for the design, and the design is a strong, reliable and robust one.  All of which make it a great candidate for a military arm. The M870 has been in service for so long and with so many variants there really isn’t a distinctive model.  It is still in use today, even.  It is a work horse of a shotgun. It is not just used by our military either.  Tons of Law Enforcement agencies use the 870 as their issue shotgun. I was issued one when I was an LE National Park Ranger.  And like many of you reading this article, there is one in my safe.  Or is it loaded and in the closet? That is a good place for an 870 too.