1. TASER Pulse
2. Ruger LCR
3. Ruger Mark IV
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1. Ruger LCR

People who hate guns — but want one anyway — aren’t comfortable with large guns — even though larger, heavier guns are easier to control and thus more accurate. They’re too deadly-looking. (Go figure.)

Let’s face it: non-gun guy folks aren’t going to practice loading, reloading or firing their handgun. They’ll probably never clean it. Nor will they spend the trial-and-error time and money needed to find an appropriate holster or holsters.

ruger lrc

A small revolver is the answer.

The Ruger LCR is dead simple [sic] to operate, it’s small enough not to be intimidating (to the reluctant owner) and it’s gun enough to be intimidating (to the bad guy). While I would never recommend it, it’s a handgun that can sit loaded in a secure spot for decades and still function should push come to ballistic shove.

The LCR gets the nod over other excellent snubbies due to its class-leading patented trigger. Just as a beginning piano player will play a Steinway better than a cheap piano, an inexperienced shooter will shoot an Ruger LCR more accurately than its rivals.