This list do not contains bombers that are currently under development of at the prototype stage. It includes only operational warplanes.

Currently top 7 bombers in the world are these:

Number 1. Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit (USA)


   The black, bat-like B-2 Spirit is the silver bullet of US policy, reserved for use against targets of the highest priority. This strategic bomber was designed during the Cold War. The whole development programme was kept in high secrecy.

   Currently the B-2 is the most expensive aircraft ever built. The USAF operates only 20 of these strategic bombers due to their high price. This advanced aircraft was never offered for sale to any other country, even NATO allies.

   The B-2 is almost invisible to radars due to its sophisticated design and radar-absorbent coating.Many of sensors and avionics of this warplane remain classified. Also it has a classified electronic warfare system. It can easily overcome enemy air defense.

   This plane carries a powerful array of weaponry. It can carry about 18 000 kg of combat payload, including cruise missiles, thermonuclear free-fall bombs, and precision-guided bombs. It can fly over 12 000 km without the need to refuel.

   Currently the B-2 Spirit is the best bomber ever built.

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