1. The Ruger LC380.

ruger lc 380

Big bullets fired from a small concealed carry weapon increase recoil, which can make shooting subcompact pistols a pain. Ruger put on its thinking cap by employing a heavier slide and larger grip for greater comfort and ease of shooting the .380 cartridge.

A double-action-only trigger, adjustable 3-dot sights, overall 6-inch length, 4.5-inch height, .90-inch width, 7+1 round capacity and Blued Alloy Steel slide contribute to this being a solid hammer-fired, locked-breech, semi-automatic pistol for those seeking the moderate recoil of .380 ACP ammunition.

2. The Kel-Tec PMR-30 .22 Mag.

kel tec pmr30
It is fairly light, 20 ounces loaded. It uses .22 Mag. cartridges, making recoil as light as a summer breeze. Its magazine holds 30+1 rounds, combatting the low stopping power of the lighter ammunition by offering a higher volume of bullets to unload.

The .22 Magnum makes a little more noise than the .22LR, but that hardly makes the PMR-30 hard to shoot. The full-length grip, fiber-optic sights, soft trigger and easy-to-operate slide make this a fantastically comfortable gun to shoot, even for extended shooting sessions.

3. The Smith & Wesson Model 60

sw model 60

Though some may dissent, the Smith & Wesson Model 60, with a weight of 24.5 ounces and a 3-inch barrel, soaks up recoil far better than many other .38 Special snub-nose revolvers.

Initially produced in 1965, it is the world’s first stainless steel revolver. There’s a reason this small J-frame has remained in production for more than five decades, well regarded by law enforcement and sports shooters alike. The four finger, synthetic grip ensures good purchase on the handle when things go south.