Here are the Top 10 Best Guns Used by The Russian Ground Forces 2017
10. G3 Assault Rifle
9. AK-100
8. Makarov Pistol
7. MP-443 Grach
6. AK-74M
5. AN-94
4. AS Val
3. SR-3M
2. GSH-18
1. AK-47
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10. G3 Assault Rifle

The G3 Assault Rifle was a popular weapon that was used by Russian forces between the late’s and the mid’s. This unit was primarily used along the German border when the Soviets held Germany after World War 2. It is also used by German border guards and the German police forces.

the g3

This assault rifle was used by 75 countries around the world as their basic weapon for war. Different countries use these weapons for their armed forces to do this day. This rifle was used by Heckler & Koch.